Freshhouse in Jamsil – No more?

Saturday night. Finally a night to relax and spend some quality time with friends and loved ones.

D: Want to check out Freshhouse in Jamsil by Olympic Park?

J: Sure.

1 hour on the subway, and four transfers later.

Entering Olympic Park, and no sign of Freshhouse. Approach an adjossi who appears to be working the park.

D: freshhouse은 어디? (English translation: Where is Freshhouse?)

Adjosshi speaks in Korea really fast, but crosses his arms in that all familiar X, which means NO!!

I give him my phone to try have him type in Korean what he is trying to say. Adjosshi refuses phone.

D: Humm… Let’s look them up online.


D: This doesn’t look good babe…

J: The baby is getting hungry.

D: Let me give them a call.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

Sexy Korean operator voice: This number is no longer in service.

D: Hummmmm……. Lotte Hotel babe?


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  1. Aakk. Sorry to hear….

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