Seoul taxi fares now start at 3000WON

Well, I guess we knew it was inevitable. The super cheap taxi fares of Seoul have officially been raised to 3000WON starting October 12th. A word of warning, you won’t see the charge on the meter in the taxi just yet. Your driver will add an extra 600WON. This was a confusing at first and almost lead to a confrontational meeting with the taxi driver I had on Saturday night. Just a heads up.



  1. I remember it used to be 800원…

    1. Before my time, but those would have been the days.

  2. It’s the same for taxis down here to! (Geoje/Busan). I was in for quite the shock jumping into a taxi and seeing it start with 3000

    1. Yeah I think it’s Korea wide. Still cheaper than North America 🙂

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