Hongdae: Julio [훌리오]

SeoulBKK looks like she’s found a great Mexican place in Hongdae. Definitely will check it out when I get down to that area. Good find Annie!

Seoul in BKK

If people ask which food I will choose to eat for the rest of my life I will answer, without hesitation, la comida Mexicana!

Julio [훌리오]
Seoul Mapo-gu
Seogyo-dong 411-18 1st Floor
[서울 마포구 서교동 411-18 1층]
12 PM-11 PM
Hongdae or Sangsu Subway Station

I looked up several Mexican places after arriving in Korea because I just knew I won’t be able to go long without it. While researching I came across this place Julio and On the Border which is a franchise located in many places like Hongdae, Shinchon, Apgujeong, etc.

But what made me choose Julio over On the Border was the Mexican Bulldog.


I finally arrived at this place with the help of Naver map (one app I won’t be able to live without in Korea).


So, I found that instead of getting off the Hongdae station, it was much closer if I got off…

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