Thank you for the Liebster Award! Please send the prize money to my account now.

This is the first award I’ve won since minor league baseball when I took home the most improved award for the male, 10-11, over 200lbs division. Ah… I feel so proud right now. Thank you so much to Kang Ju-won! He writes an amazing blog called K-Law Guru, which focuses on everything from Korean law to various tidbits of Korean culture.


There are of course rules for accepting this award, the main point being to share the blog lovin’ and spread the word to some deserving writers/photographers and build this global e-village.

  • Rule number 1: Acknowledge the nominating blogger
  • Rule number 2: List some bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you really feel deserve a little blogging love!
  • Rule number 3: Let all of the bloggers know you’ve nominated them. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you!
  • Rule number 4: Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  • Rule number 5: Post 11 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated to answer
  • Rule number 6: Post 11 random facts about yourself

I, hereby, nominate the following bloggers.

The bloggers

this user is dead (LaCryMamosa) 

LCM and Han are some of the best bloggers out there. Their pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and they have now expanded from Seoul to Europe! LCM is a dedicated traveller and consistently updates her blog. Han is a restaurant junkie and we always make a note to check out spots they have been to around the city. They are always spot on and their pictures will make you want to lick your screen.

Seoul in BKK

Annie was in Seoul for a few months and always wrote about excellent restaurants to satisfy your hunger. Her photos are amazing, and she captures little aspects of a restaurant that often goes unnoticed. Although she is back in the beautiful country of Thailand, I still follow her and read her blog religiously. I can’t wait to head down to Thailand and try some of the places she’s been to. An excellent foodie blog, with exceptional food porn.

Quin’s Progress

Quin just doesn’t review a restaurant or an attraction, she tells a story. Her storytelling is hilarious, informative and most of all, well written. She is truly destined to be a travel writer. Her voice speaks to you when you are reading her blogs, and more so, she’s makes us laugh with her unique writing style. Quin travels everywhere, and is probably one of the most underrated travel blogs on WordPress.

Questions for accepting bloggers:

1) How did you feel writing your first blog post?

2) Is there any experience that you blogged about that sticks out in your mind?

3) Why did you choose to be a blogger?

4) If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be?

5) You have one type of food you can eat for the rest of your life (ie, Korea, American,etc) which type would you choose?

6) What is your dream location to blog about?

7) If you could have one meal prepared, by one celebrity chef, who would it be and what would be the meal?

8) What is one travel book that you would recommend?

9) What did you study in university?

10) Do you prefer to travel by yourself or with friends? Why?

11) Street food? Yay or Nah? Why?

Questions for me

  1. What’s your fondest childhood memory? Many memories, but one that sticks out is our first family vacation to Disney World when I was 7 years old. I think it sparked my love for traveling.
  2. Three words to describe you. Impatient, Passionate, Loving
  3. If you had to travel back in time to a specific year and place, when and where would they be? I would love to travel back to late 1970s or early 80s in Southern California when computers and technology were in the golden age of development. I would specifically visit the Homebrew Computer Club. That stuff always fascinates me and considering that the movement has had such a profound effect on our everyday lives, I don’t think it gets nearly enough attention in the history books now, but will be talked about with such importance to the human race in about 100 years.
  4. What’s one food you like now that you didn’t like before? I absolutely loathed Mexican food before my wife got me to into it.
  5. How do you unwind? Several ways. Normally I like to go out and have a pint with some friends, and share a laugh. But when I’m not feeling social, hanging out in the apartment, cooking with Jill and now Logan, watching movies and playing video games.
  6. Please recommend us a great website we might not have heard about. Post a link. One of the few general news and video games forums that has been around for over a decade. I’ve been a loyal reader for 10 years, and always learn something new. Great community.
  7. Is there any commercial brand you are especially loyal to? We are an Apple family.
  8. If you were facing imprisonment for the next ten years, and you could take three movie DVDs (to watch over and over), what would they be? The Big Lebowski, Moon and One Week
  9. Why do you blog? I had the idea for DerekvsLP in my head for awhile, but the igniter was when Jill and I went to Mokpo in the summer and Lonely Planet recommended this restaurant that turned out to be absolutely shit. I’ll never forget sitting there, in this god forsaken shit hole of a restaurant with nothing but a bowl of lettuce, some bread and a 10$ Guinness steaming mad because Lonely Planet recommended “The House of Happiness” as their top choice for Mokpo.
  10. Which of your own posts is your favorite? Post a link. This one always gets a lot of views. JR’s BBQ after spending an hour waiting for our drinks and food, I was itching to get back on my computer to tee-off on those morons. Although I was really pissed, the writing was actually pretty good, and it received a lot of feedback.
  11. What was the most memorable comment on your blog? One of LCM’s first comments. It really helped me establish the idea and layout for derekversuslonelyplanet. Here it is: I love the idea of this blog but may I suggest that more pictures would make your site much more exciting and eye-catching and attention-grabbing and etc.? Thanks LCM!

11 Random Facts: 

1) My grandfather died on my birthday in 2005 (July 2).

2) I have a horrible fear of snakes.

3) My secret food shame is loving Chicken McNuggets.

4) X-Files is my favorite show of all time.

5) Originally was going to move to Taiwan to teach English, but decided on Korea at the last moment.

6) I have a sister who is 2 years younger than me.

7) My wife and I were married in Las Vegas and Elvis did in fact come to our wedding.

8) I want to develop and create an RPG video game.

9) I hate the Harry Potter books and movies.

10) Secret guilty pleasure: reading Stephen King novels (English Lit snob)

11) Celebrity Crush: Kat Dennings (Its the eyes.. I swear)



  1. ouch about the mokpo :\ my bf and I, on our trip to Malaysia, were stupid enough to go to China Old House Cafe (whatever the name is) in China Town, Kuala Lumpur, believing in LP’s “Top choice” recommendation and were pissed off to death. Worse, later, on another trip to Nha Trang, Vietnam, we again took LP’s advice of picking another rubbish resto (apparently very popular with a high price tag as well) and hated ourselves AND LP for a long time afterwards. Ever since we just listen to what Google says 🙂

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed reading your Q&A and random facts! Btw, I forgot to ask you your account # (joke) 🙂

  3. Annie L. · · Reply

    Oh my! What an honor! Thank you so much Derek!!! This means so much to me and feels like a major milestone for my little blog 🙂 Btw I laughed hard at your random fact 11. I could only see her beautiful eyes in that photo! Thanks again Derek, really appreciate it!

    1. No problem! I really enjoy your blog! I can’t wait to see your answers to the questions. I swear, it’s her eyes 😉

  4. Han and I are super happy about the nomination and we will try our best to answer the questions asap! Sorry Derek 😦 I’m still on the road (fml….) and Han is enjoying her temporary domestic bliss 😛

    1. No problem!! Enjoy your traveling! Our days include wiping bottoms and heading to Itaewon. Jill and I are both vicariously living through you 🙂

  5. […] I will simply quote Derek versus the Lonely Planet who nominated Annie and explain the rules much better than I would […]

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