[misc] A memorable field trip to Naver

Han took a visit to Naver HQ! A very informative read about the headquarters themselves and the culture of Naver, and its impact on Korean culture. A great read!

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Let’s be honest here folks how many of you can go a day without using google? I know that I certainly am a perfect example of google effect judging only from the way I set google search as my homepage. As hard as not using google may seem, it’s definitely not a problem for Korean people here in Korea for they have their own search engine named Naver.

Unlike Baidu being a monopoly in China, Korean people are open to accessing any search engine in the world and yet Naver is still the one that they go for. Forget Google. In Korea, Naver is the best. Not just because Korean consumers are prone to using domestic products, Naver itself is super sticky and convenient in many aspects that you won’t be able to find in Google. Last school semester, having decided to celebrate something fun and academic before we parted…

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