N Seoul Tower – Love Is In The Air Up There

N Seoul Tower has a special meaning for my wife and I. We were actually suppose to go there on our second, but the weather was too crappy, so we decided to say inside and watch bootlegged copies of movies (4 for 10000KRW. NICEUH!!) Five years later to the day, after marriage and a child, we finally got around to our second date. It was worth the wait.


LP’s Description: The travel guide focuses on the N Seoul Tower’s panoramic views both during the day and at night. They make reference to the locks of love up on the tower.

How to get there: There are several ways to get there. I would recommend heading to Itaewon and departing from Exit 4. From there you will see a bus stop. Hop on the number 3 bus and it will take you up. However, the easiest way is to simply jump into a taxi and say N Seoul tower and they will literally take you to the base of the mountain where you can catch a bus up. For a list of places and subway stops that can take you there check out Visit Korea website.


What To Do at N Seoul Tower: The biggest attraction is to head up the tower and check out the amazing view of the city. However, there is also a teddy bear museum, and some restaurants for your dining pleasure. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to check out the restaurant, as we already had reservations elsewhere, but we did get a couple of sweets from the candy shop in the tower.


Buy the ticket. Take the ride.IMG_2192 IMG_2193


Love is in the air.IMG_2196 IMG_2203IMG_2207


Home sweet home. Only 10,000km away…


Eating chocolate and watching the view is a great way to kill some time.


Some overpriced souvenirs.


Looking down.


What way would that be?


Didn’t get a chance to check out the restaurant this time, but will go back for a full review.IMG_2217

We decided to head down and check out the teddy bear store, although Jill will tell you I’m all the teddy bear she needs. I’ve never seen the museum and didn’t feel like forking over the extra cash. Maybe this was the museum? I didn’t see anything else resembling a museum when I was there.


The bear in which all other bears are measured.IMG_2228 IMG_2230


I will not be censored at the teddy bear store/museum!

Value: It’s 9000KRW for adults, 7000KRW for seniors/youth, 5000KRW for children to get up the tower. There is a packaged deal of 14000KRW/10000KRW/7000KRW for the tower and the teddy bear museum. However, I just walked in and no one really said anything. On a great day, this would be worth the trip up the tower to get some excellent views of the city in the day or night. I would recommend it, but a word of warning, it could get boring for the kids, and if you have an infant like I do, it could be difficult to actually get up to the tower, as the buses are busy, which would be difficult to fit a stroller.

Who Should Visit N Seoul Tower: People looking for a new view and to kill a couple of hours with the kids. Hiking enthusiasts who are looking for a challenging hike with a  rewarding view at the top of Namsan Mountain.

Who Should Avoid N Seoul Tower: Fear of heights? You might want to sit this one out. Also, people with infants, toddlers and the elder might want to take caution. This could be a challenging walk or simply too many people for them.


  1. Beautiful photos! I also used to walk up there (+cable car) from myeongdong station. Good exercise. 😄

    1. I would highly recommend the hike! I’ve never done the cable car. That would be interesting and the view wouldn’t be bad either 😉

    2. N Seoul tower is definitely a good date place with nice views.

      From what I remember, the teddy bear museum is located somewhere near the elevators to get to the top of the tower. I didn’t think it was worth it to go into the museum but from what I’ve seen it’s basically full of teddy bears dressed up in different outfits etc. You were probably just in the gift shop.

  2. I love NS Tower! I’ve been there 4 times while I was in Korea the past couple of months cos I loved it so much! No, I do but because I had to take visitors around…:P Personally wouldn’t go back during winter though… I couldn’t feel my entire body at one point.

    1. It’s a tough climb! I let the bus do all the work 🙂 However, we did walk down and we were feeling the burn in the calfs and thighs.

  3. xnengnengx · · Reply

    One of my favorite places in Seoul. My boyfriend brought me for dinner there on out first date. And we went back again on our 1st anniversary to ‘lock’ our love ^^

    1. “Lock our Love” Nice saying. I have to use that 🙂

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