Jungmun Saekdal Beach in Seogwipo Jeju – A Small, Cozy Beach on Jeju’s South Shore

On Friday, I decided to get off the resort and do a little exploring. The Lotte Hotel overlooks this beautiful beach. I spend only a couple of hours at the beach, but my limited time was enjoyable. It was nice getting away from the resort, wiggling my toes in the sand and breathing in some cool, salty ocean air. My Jeju correspondent ZS always says a day at the beach feels like a rebirth, one of the few areas on the planet where sun, sea and air converge into one entity.


How to get to Jungmun Saekdal Beach: If you are already in Seogwipo, the best way to get there is by taxi. I didn’t notice any bus stops and of course in Jeju, subway stops are non-existent. However, if you are coming in from Jeju City, you can take the 600 bus that leaves Jeju International Airport. In fact, we took this bus twice and it got us to the southern part of the island in about 50 minutes. If you want to head right to the beach from the airport, I would highly recommend this option. The cost was only 4500KRW.

From the Lotte Hotel it was a simple decent from the hotel, although heading back up could be an issue. In fact, the hotels are located at the top of the cliff and require a little walk down.


Excellent Views:  From the hotel and in other spots, the view of Jungmun Beach is worthy of a thousand pictures. The cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean bringing in the smell of the sea, this was my morning ritual with Logan. We would head down to the terrace and look at the view. A great way to start the day and end the evening.


Black lava rocks are iconic on the beach.


The View From the Beach and Things To Do: The Lonely Planet mentions of parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating. These activities all range from about 25,000KRW to 60,000KRW. We didn’t really have the time to check it out, but there are plenty of options to keep entertained on the beach. The locals claim that the waves are the best in Jeju.


This rock looked like half of a mask ala Phantom of the Opera.


Around the Beach: There was a small store actually on the beach, but for a sit-down meal, there are several restaurants either at the hotels or up on the main road. There was this small burger stand that looked delightful, but alas I was out of time. One side note, there was a small sunflower field right behind the beach that was really cool.


This was clearly my favorite statue near the beach.


Final Thoughts: It was a nice little walk down the beach and around. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend too much time, but the beach isn’t exactly stroller friendly. This would be great to get the family back, or the special lady friend for a nice walk and swim. I would definitely visit if you were looking for a little break from the resort and pool scene and wanted to try a little adventuring and surfing.

Who Should Visit Jungmun Beach: Looking for a nice day at the beach with the kids or special lady friend? This would be the place for you. That said, if the kids are little, it might not be the best place to bring an infant. Lots to do on the beach including surfing, parasailing and jet skiing.

Who Should Avoid Jungmun Beach: Those with babies might not want to venture down this track. It’s not the easiest beach to get to, and you will have to carry the little prince or princess. Those looking for cheap adventures will not find it here. The jet skiing and other activities is fairly pricey if you are on a budget.


  1. Hallie · · Reply

    Are you in Jeju too!?!? I’m in Seogwipo over near the O’Sulloc Tea Fields.

    1. I live in Seoul! We were there for a vacation last week. Jeju is such a beautiful island. You are so lucky to live there!

      1. I live in Seoul too. Just here in Jeju for two weeks doin a little work, doin a little play.

      2. Hopefully more play than work 🙂

  2. KuttyRina · · Reply

    Hi there!

    First of all, I think your blog is wonderful. I am keen on getting to know more about South Korea as I want to visit. I came across this post via google images whilst looking for a base photo for an inspirational quote. I found this one, https://derekversuslonelyplanet.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/img_0667.jpg and used it as a base photo and I did place your blog as credit for the original photo. If you would prefer your photo not be used, please reply and I will take it down. Sorry, I can’t seem to find a contact section on your blog so that is why I am posting as a reply.
    Also, if you would like to see what I did with your photo so you can make a decision if you’d agree for your photo can be used in such a manner, I can send you a link as well. I do not wish to post it in a public forum as I did make it for a private group I belong to.

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Rina! No problem! As long as you gave the blog credit, I’m a happy camper 🙂 If you need to get a hold of my, my email is at the bottom of each article. It’s derekversuslonelyplanet@gmail.com.

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