From Africa? JR’s Pub in Itaewon Says “Fuck Off!” Don’t Worry, You’re Not Missing Much

So JR’s Pub, the owners of the equally shitty JR’s Barbecue in Itaewon, recently posted a sign in their pub informing customers that they will not be serving patrons from Africa because of the fucking Ebola virus. Classy move JR. Classy move. Now on the bright side, if you do have the Ebola virus, the food at JR’s is much more painful than the virus itself, so you luck out in that regard my friend. Stay classy JR.

Got something to say? Email Troy Lee Armado. I’ll be honest, I met him one time and he seemed like a pretty reasonable guy, but fuck me his establishments do not reflect that. He needs to get his ship in order.

JR's being a racist dumbassIMG_1529


  1. is this some kind of joke??? UNBELIEVABLE. they should realise now it won’t be just AFRICANS with possibility of EBOLA they’ll be losing. this place should be boycotted once and for all. urgh. so ignorant and disrespectful!

    1. It’s just mind-boggling how stupid that place is. They are a perfect blueprint for a book entitled, “How to Fail in the Customer Service Industry.”

  2. maxwell · · Reply

    I say BOYCOTT JR Bar in ITAEWON. I’m FED UP with RACISM and Ignorance in Korea. If nothing is donethey will continue dscriminating against black people.

  3. I might go to Itaewon just for this.

    1. They’re now offering 50% drinks to repair the damage… so there’s that.

  4. any news on how the place is going now that this has died down a bit? Last I heard they were struggling after thier half assed apology night was a fail

    1. I have not heard much personally. I know that they offered 50% off drinks to try to get people to come back.I think that was the apology night you were referring to. I don’t want to head down there personally, but I might have one of my Itaewon correspondents pop in and see what’s up.

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