Lobster Bar in Itaewon: Fresh-ability

By: Erik Weichel

Come by and eat an animal that was alive in the wild 6,000 miles away only three days ago.

Lobster Bar is one of 50 restaurants profiled in Itaewon Eats 2015! Download it today! 


How to Get There: Stroll your way out of Itaewon Station Exit 4, and continue walking forward towards the arch. It’s maybe a five minute walk and is on your left, conveniently located below Mr. Foot Massage. Treat yo’ self.

IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_2192

Service and Atmosphere: The first thing that needs to be noted here is the impressive nature of the food industry today. Lobsters are caught, stored and flown in from either Maine or Nova Scotia into a water tank in Seoul all within three days. Unfortunately, the seaweed gel packs they use don’t agree with all of our little soldiers, and about 15% of them lose their lives in search for our plates. R.I.P. Take a look at the survivors as you walk in the door to a huge space, which is both wide open and welcoming. Lobster Bar walks a fine line between an almost industrial fish market feel and what I could only imagine a beachside lobster restaurant in Maine to actually be. I found it to be comfortable place, that wasn’t trying too hard to be fancy. The menu allows for an easy lunch or a delicate full lobster dinner experience. Also, check out one of their many draught and bottled beers, or wines by the glass or bottle!

IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2203 IMG_2205 IMG_2206 IMG_2220

Mac’n Cheese (10,000 KRW): We started with lobster and bacon mac and cheese, which was pleasantly deceiving. Both of our first impressions of the dish was simply noting its seemingly small size. We thought we would finish in a bite or two each. Though the dish itself is a little deeper than we expected, and turned out to be a nice appetizer. I’m not sure why they seem to be so secretive about their “two type of cheese” that they use, but I found it to be well prepared and you can never complain about lobster and bacon. Not an overwhelming amount of either, but what can you do.

IMG_2208 IMG_2209

Lobster Roll (21,000 KRW): This one is literally overflowing with lobster. As you can see, they did pretty well with the presentation on all the dishes we ordered, but I think this one especially was really well done. The only problem could be the bread, which was simply a hotdog bun, and we would have expected more of a roll or baguette perhaps. Nothing to ruin the meal, but I think a different roll could put it over the top. Served with a decent portion of shoestring fries, this was a very nice lunch meal accented perfectly with the mayo and LB seasoning.

IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2213

Lobster Grilled Cheese (21,000 KRW): I was really pleased with this sandwich. Delicious, not overly greasy and a healthy portion of the freshest lobster in town adds up to a pretty good experience to say the least. Again, whatever two cheeses they decided on worked well together and I was full all day. Again, this was served with the same french fries, along with some coleslaw. I wasn’t overly thrilled by the slaw, but who cares? Solid meal.

IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2216

Who SHOULD visit Lobster Bar: Craving some seafood? This place won’t disappoint. Bring your wallet, as it could turn into a pricey affair, though it would certainly be worth it.

Who SHOULD NOT visit Lobster Bar: The unemployed and shellfish sensitive.


IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2198 IMG_1211 IMG_1215 IMG_2210


  1. aw man i seen a lot of places back home in NZ selling the soft shell crab burger and man i been wanting some of that, seeing it on the menu here haha that alone would sell me to go get one hahahaha well done on the update bruh!~ keep em coming ~

  2. Is this place still open do you know? Tried to find it the other day and couldn’t. Maybe I has disoriented or maybe it has disappeared

    1. It was still there last time I was in itaewon. It’s exit 4. Walk down the street for about 200 meters. Second floor beside the McDonalds.

  3. Chrissy · · Reply

    Went there today based on your recommendation. It was outstanding…our new favorite place. Thx for the service u provide to the foreign community of ROK. Happy new year!

    1. Thanks Chrissy!! I’m glad you liked it! I haven’t been yet this year but I am going to head back soon to get a grilled cheese lobster sandwich! 😊😊😊😊

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