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Visas in South East Asia – The Lowdown

Originally posted on Journalist On The Run:
One of the most stressful things for many people when planning a big trip is working out which countries require a visa, which don’t, how much they cost, where to apply, when to apply and a million other visa related questions. I will try, as best I can, to…

Backpacking Budget For South East Asia – The Lowdown

Originally posted on Journalist On The Run:
This is going to be the first post to my South East Asia series which I was meant to write about 6 months ago…when I was actually IN South East Asia! However, blogging will never be something that I force myself to do. It should never be forced…

Yongsan Electronic Market December 2014 Update – PS4 Price, XBOX 1 Price and FAQ

It truly is Christmas in the ROK when people are queuing up at the electronics market in Yongsan, eagerly shelling out their cash on various electronic goodies. My post about where to buy a PS4 is one of my most popular posts. I usually get a few questions or comments a month and would just like to […]

We’re Blog Your Way to Cuba Finalists! (and we need your help)

VOTE for Shelley and Agri!!

Four Things to Keep in Mind When People Come to Visit

It’s been awhile since I’ve written travel advice, but after this summer, I felt that it was necessary. This summer we had two sets of visitors from Canada; one was a positive experience and one was a terrible experience.  In my experience, this mainly depends on the person. Although we think we know our friends […]

Hiking Mt Hallasan – Jeju Island, South Korea

A nice write up by the two clowns on Hallasan in Jeju. Great pictures and excellent commentary.

Tips for surviving your first year in Korea

Originally posted on whatawaygook:
Two of my friends are getting ready to come to Korea. They asked me to write a blog on how to survive your first year here. It’s been a while since it was my first year so I took to Facebook to ask my friends. I was astonished at the replies…