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토끼굴 (Rabbit’s Burrow) – Serenity in the Depths of Madness of Hongdae

By: Erik Weichel 토끼굴, directly translated as “rabbits burrow” is aptly named. A low key and quiet jazz bar in Hongdae, 토끼굴 allows you to separate yourself from the pace and overcrowded tendencies of the area and enjoy some pleasant conversation among friends. As a disclaimer, this review will be somewhat less “formal” than others […]

Baby Guinness – My Sweet Irish Lass in Itaewon

Baby Guinness and I go way back. My wife and I stumbled across it a couple of years ago when we got sick of the restaurants on the main strip of Itaewon and decided to hit the string of dining establishments behind the Hamilton Hotel. Once we found Baby Guinness, it was like falling in […]