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The Seoul Trail: Section 3 Part 1 From Gwangnaru Station to Godeok Station

We are back on The Seoul Trail after a three month hiatus! The weather is perfect for a good hike. Let’s do this! Overview:¬†Although this section of the hike may seem like a 10km gruelling marathon, most of the hike is through the city and is on flat land. Overall, there were only a few […]

The Seoul Trail: Section 2 Part 2 – Yangwon Station to Mangusan and Yongmasan Mountains

Welcome spring! You have been missed. After battling in the rain our last time out, we took advantage of the great weather and finished the final part of section two on The Seoul Trail. Today was an epic 9.2km hike that saw us through peaks, valleys and a cemetery. To try to capture it all […]

Seonyudo Park – The Island in the middle of the Han River

As my father-in-law would say, “If it’s free, it’s for me!” and since we have a baby on the way, we could use as many free options around the city as possible. Note to potential parents: things that make poop are expensive (who knew?). We wanted to save some money for a nice dinner at […]