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Chef D.Garrett Edwards – The Insecure Chef from Tartine’s Bakery in Itaewon.

So awhile back, the great Han K wrote a very underwhelming review of Tartine’s brunch in Itaewon. At about the same time Mark from Mastication Monologues wrote an average, if not underwhelming review. I decided to reblog Han’s review, as I felt that it was something that people needed to see, and hopefully would also […]

Tartine versus Ben’s Cookies – The Battle for Itaewon Dessert Supremacy

Seoul’s sweet tooth has evolved over the years. In the past, dessert was not considered a quintessential part of the Korean culinary scene, but as the time marches on, and the Western cultures continues to pick away at the iceberg of xenophobia, so that the “hermit kingdom” is slowly coming out of its shell. Talking […]