Goodbye Kimchi Museum… *sniff sniff*

After a couple of hours of Mexican food in Gangnam, we decided to stay indoors and avoid that god awful summer heat and head to COEX. COEX is Korea’s largest underground mall, which also includes an aquarium, countless shops and restaurants and the ever present fear that if for some reason, the entire mall might collapse at any given time.

I’ve been to the aquarium three times, but I’ve never been to the Kimchi museum, so we decided to head down and check out the ancient art and history of Korea’s most famous dish. Lonely Planet describes it as a, “small exhibition in the basement of COEX which sings the praises of pickled, peppery cabbage and its wondrous health benefits.”

However….. much to our surprise, the Kimchi museum has closed down INDEFINITELY! The girl at the information desk informed us that it closed down on August 1st and would not be reopening for “a few years, if ever.” Well.. sorry kimchi lovers…. Image

Well, at least we can still go to the aquarium….

Line for COEX aquarium





  1. Oh no! So sad that the Kimchi museum closed down! We wanted to go there last year but had no time and wanted to see it the next time we’re in Seoul.

    1. Yes, sad indeed. Honestly, from what the information desk told us, it looks unlikely its going to open up soon.

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