[Seoul] Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro (Namsan)

The Yummy Yak wasn’t feeling brunch at Craftworks. The Itaewon brunch scene needs someone to step up.

The Yummy Yak

Subsequent to my visit here in July 2012, Craftworks has since expanded its operations to 3 outlets across Seoul, and 1 sliiiightly outside Seoul in the idyllic Baekhyun-dong area in Bundang, Gyunggi-do. The neighborhood of Baekhyun-dong also happens to house my favourite cafe in all of Korea, but that’s material for another entry.

The Craftworks outlet I visited was its flagship one in Namsan. Lest the word “Namsan” leads you to think that its located in the Myeongdong area, Craftworks is actually on the other side of Namsan, i.e. Itaewon. We’d (okay, I’d) originally planned to have breakfast at The Baker’s Table, but were turned away as it was a Sunday morning and the restaurant was full.  While dragging the rest to Suji’s I passed a sidewalk sign advertising for Craftworks, next to which there was a narrow path leading to the door of the bistro. To be honest…

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