Good Burger Pop-Up at Bulldogs in Itaewon – Great Burgers, Fries and Hopefully a Location

“Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?” If you recognize this movie line, than your taste in movies is terrible. However, if you attended Good Burger’s pop-up on Friday, your culinary tastes are much better. Good Burger is a group of inspiring chefs who have a passion for creating delicious and unique burgers. Unfortunately, there is not permanent location at this time. That said, if their pop-up at Bulldogs in Itaewon is any indication, it won’t be long until they have a permanent home somewhere in Seoul.


The Menu: Unfortunately we arrived near the end of the pop-up, so the food was starting to run out. However, they still whipped up a great selection from their simple but delicious menu. Although the Good Burger was gone, they still served up a special bacon burger with avocados. The avocado fries looked amazing. I really wanted to give them a try, but again, they were sold out. I really have no one to blame but my school for staying open until 10pm.


Food: Since we had a large group of people, we basically ordered everything off the menu. The only item we didn’t order was the asparagus fries. I guess we didn’t want our pee to smell funny.

Good Fries (10,000KRW): If you’ve had the kimchi fries at Vatos, than you can picture the Good Fries. However, the Good Fries had their own unique taste, and personally, I liked them better than the kimchi fries. The first thing that I noticed was the cut of the fries. The fries were a thick cut, crisped to a golden brown and topped very generously with bacon, Cheddar and Jack cheese, onions, sour cream and Good sauce. The kimchi chips come on the side. I like this because you can control the amount of kimchi in your fries. Personally, I’m not a huge kimchi fan, but I really enjoyed the chips. The heat wasn’t as overwhelming as the kimchi fries at Vatos, but it still provided plenty of flavor. All the flavors worked well together, and none of them dominated. A nice balanced and filling starter.


Roscoe (13,000KRW): Can we call this a burger? It seems as though this might be a sandwich that is a legend in the making. Although the Roscoe isn’t a new concept, it was definitely a surprise to see it on a menu here in Seoul. I like the adventurous menu these guys are a planning out. If the pop up was any indication of their future menu, than Good Burger will have a very unique style all of its own. Anyway, I ramble. The Roscoe tosses out the traditional hamburger bun and replaces it with two waffles. On each waffle is maple syrup. Yes, maple fucking syrup on a burger. Now, before jumping to conclusion, this was actually quite genius. The sweetness of the syrup balanced out the Louisiana hot sauce, and complemented the bacon. The chicken was nice and juicy. Although this burger was stacked, it was presented beautifully.


Special Bacon Burger with Avocado (8,000KRW): Ahhh.. the Good Burger is gone. This was one of those burgers that was created with the remaining ingredients. Not that I was complaining. There was no name, it was simple a bacon patty, avocados, tomatoes, and an egg on a bun. If you guys keep this around, may I suggest the name Green Egg and Ham? No? Maybe?? Ehh.. On to the review. The bacon was cooked nicely, not too crispy, and not too fatty. The egg dripped down my chin as I bite into it. A messy, delicious concoction. The buns were all still fresh, even after hour five into the pop-up. I really appreciated their attention to detail and freshness, despite cooking for five straight hours.


Jalapeño Cheese Fries (8,000KRW): The Jalapeño cheese fries were the only slightly disappointing item on the menu. The cheese was very liquidly, and there were not as many jalapeños as I thought there were going to be. Still it didn’t taste bad, but there would be no way I would order it again for 8,000KRW.


Regular Fries with Ranch dipping sauce (4,000KRW): A full plate of golden brown fries, and a nice cup of Kranch (Ketchup and Ranch) sauce for dipping. I feel so California right now. The fries were good, but nothing compared to the Good Fries. I have a feeling the regular fries are there for people with less adventurous tastes. Trust me friend, just order the Good Fries and thank me later.


Final Thoughts: This place has the potential to be the next great burger joint in Seoul. Although some people might be turned off by the uniqueness of the menu, I think most people who appreciate great food with some imagination will make this place a success for years to come. I hope they find an excellent location and open up soon. A great experience, and nice people. Keep on doing your thing Good Burger.

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