The Rib Shack in Gyeongridan – Like a Poodle Versus a Rotweiler in a Dog Fight.

Well it’s 4am and my mind is racing with a thousand ideas on a thousand lists with a million words. So, I might as well blog something. I’ve seen Rib Shack on my travels to Gyeongridan a few times, but anytime I’ve been down there, it’s been closed. I decided to make my way down there at night on the weekend, ensuring that it would be open. Well it was, and to be honest, if it wasn’t, I don’t think I would feel too bad.. IMG_3669 How to get there: Good luck. Take the subway to Noksapyeong Station and depart from Exit 1. Walk across the bridge to the other side of the road and make a left. You will head down the street for about 250 meters past Thunder Burger. Now you will see a giant line of Koreans waiting for churros. Make a right and head up that alley. The Rib Shack will be on your left. IMG_3667 IMG_3668 Atmosphere and Service: On the outside it looks like a sauna, on the inside it looks like an abandon warehouse. Hooray! Surprisingly, ST and I were the only ones in there! I know, shocking. Anyway, we squeezed our asses into the seats beside the adjoining kitchen and chose from their wide range of BBQ selections: Pork Ribs or Fried Shrimp and French Fries. Humm.. However, I can’t bitch about the service. The guy was quite friendly and got to work on our order right away. So it’s got that going for them. IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672

Here was the oven where they baked the ribs..

Here was the oven where they baked the ribs..

I’ll Have a Big Helping of WTF Please: I’ll admit, Linus BBQ and Holy Smoke have spoiled me in the last year. But with that said, I want to give everyone a fair shot. But fuck me… The Rib Shack cooks its ribs in an oven with store bought BBQ sauce whilst sprinkling garlic chips on top as a garnish. Why? How in the possible fuck does this benefit anything? A side order of cold beans and cheese powdered french fries (Yep you read that correct) and of course fucking pickles made this an unforgettable dining experience. Ohh and you want 16,000KRW for it? Take two of these *flips up middle fingers* and call me in the morning.


Bathrooms: Sparkly clean bathrooms were a saving grace. Want a mid meal shower? Here’s your place. IMG_3680 A Word of Advice For Rib Shack: I am not a culinary genius. I just like good food. However, I know a culinary train wreck when I see one. My advice to you is simple: Invest in a smoker. Come up with some more menu items. Try to make your own sauces. Anything to compete with the growing competition around Itaewon. How can you complete with the likes of Linus and Holy Smoke when you are baking your ribs in a oven and then tossing garlic chips and Bullseye BBQ on it? It’s just.. eh… *pulls out gun, points to head, pulls trigger*

Who Should Go To The Rib Shack: Did Linus get tossed into jail? Did Holy Smoke get busted for drug trafficking? Well.. guess you’re out of options.

Who Should Avoid The Rib Shack: Anyone who has eaten a rib before excluding the McRib.




  1. Oh thats bleak! Nothing worse when an expectation doesn’t follow through. Good to know to never go there 😀

    1. I hope it gets better but right now it just seems like a cash grab on the southern bbq trend.

  2. lol dang man unfortunately you were the first to try it and review….saved me some $$ lol

    1. It is exactly why I started this blog.

  3. Good thing I read this. Will definitely never go there if I’m in the area.

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